Wood pellets have emerged as a popular and eco-friendly heating source in recent years. They offer several benefits over traditional heating systems, including renewable energy, low emissions, and reduced heating costs. Many communities and businesses have recognized the benefits of wood pellet heating and have successfully incorporated it into their operations. In this article, we will explore some examples of communities and businesses that have successfully used wood pellets for heating.

  1. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, is a city that has committed to sustainable living and has successfully implemented wood pellet heating. In 2013, the city converted its old oil-fired heating system to a wood pellet heating system. The conversion reduced the city’s carbon emissions by 50% and saved the city $400,000 in heating costs in the first year alone. The city now heats several public buildings, including schools and community centers, with wood pellets.

  1. Olympia, Washington

The Olympia School District in Washington state is another example of a community successfully using wood pellets for heating. The district converted its heating system to wood pellets in 2015 and has since saved $300,000 in heating costs. The wood pellet heating system has also reduced the district’s carbon emissions by 750 tons per year.

  1. Switchback Brewing Company

Switchback Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Burlington, Vermont, has also successfully incorporated wood pellet heating into its operations. The brewery uses wood pellets to heat its brewing process and taproom. The wood pellet heating system has reduced the brewery’s heating costs by 60% and has allowed the brewery to reduce its carbon emissions by 90%.

  1. Okemo Mountain Resort

Okemo Mountain Resort, a ski resort in Ludlow, Vermont, is another example of a business successfully using wood pellets for heating. The resort uses wood pellets to heat several of its buildings, including its ski lodges and rental shops. The wood pellet heating system has reduced the resort’s carbon emissions by 90% and has saved the resort over $750,000 in heating costs.

  1. Sandri Energy

Sandri Energy, a fuel distributor in Greenfield, Massachusetts, has successfully incorporated wood pellets into its business operations. The company delivers wood pellets to residential and commercial customers in the Northeast and also operates a wood pellet manufacturing facility. The company’s commitment to sustainable energy has helped it to grow and expand its operations while reducing its carbon footprint.


The examples outlined in this article demonstrate the success of communities and businesses in incorporating wood pellets into their heating systems. By using wood pellets, these communities and businesses have reduced their carbon emissions and saved money on heating costs. Additionally, they have demonstrated the viability and benefits of sustainable heating sources.

Sustainable heating is an important aspect of sustainable living. By using renewable energy sources such as wood pellets, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Communities and businesses that have successfully incorporated wood pellets into their operations serve as examples for others to follow. By learning from their success and adopting sustainable heating practices, we can all do our part to promote sustainable living.