Wood pellet En+plus A2 is a quality certification for wood pellets used as fuel. En+plus is a certification program developed by the European Pellet Council (EPC) to ensure the quality and sustainability of wood pellets. The A2 category is the highest quality rating for wood pellets under the En+plus program.

To obtain the En+plus A2 certification, wood pellets must meet specific requirements related to raw materials, production processes, and quality control. The raw materials used in the pellets must be sourced from sustainably managed forests, and the production process must adhere to strict environmental standards.

The En+plus A2 certification also ensures that the wood pellets meet certain performance criteria, such as a high calorific value and low ash content, which makes them more efficient and cleaner-burning than other types of fuels. Additionally, the certification guarantees that the wood pellets are free from impurities and contaminants that could harm the environment or cause health problems.

Overall, the En+plus A2 certification is a reliable indicator of high-quality wood pellets that are produced sustainably and provide excellent performance for heating and energy applications.